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Services We Offer

ELAP is grant funded and therefore is free to access for all residents and visitors to the East Lindsey area of Lincolnshire. The service provides advice, empowerment, intervention and assistance in the following areas.



Advice, assessment, eligibility, applications and appeals to UTT level. We are further able, in being one of the few agencies already trained in the delivery process, to offer estimates of how Universal Credit will affect benefit and tax credit claimants and show these estimates and their implications alongside current out of work, or in work, benefit claims.

Budgeting & Income Maximisation

We utilise years of experience in debt and benefit casework, along with the latest PC software to demonstrate and achieve this objective.

Civil Issues

Advice on procedures, fee remissions, form filling and checking, Representations and referrals arranged when required and applicable.

Consumer Advice

From general consumer rights, referrals to Trading Standards, through to specific individual advice.

Debt Advice

Solutions by referral... i.e. DMP, token offers, bankruptcy and DRO referrals to authorised bodies. We are certified by MAT.


Employment Rights, Disputes, Mediation and Tribunal Representation. Our Employment Specialist is a trained Mediator (ACAS) and experienced Representative at Tribunals

Family Issues

Divorce and parental access advice, including CSA/CMO and other Maintenance issues. Referrals can be arranged as necessary.

Housing Advice

Social and private Landlord/Tenant issues, mortgage and rent arrears, repossession and eviction representation.


Advice, appeals, specialist referrals and representation. We are also available to offer specialist casework for young also vulnerable homeless or displaced persons and are fully accredited members of NHAS.


We have the facilities and contacts to arrange referrals for higher stage assistance where necessary.

Powers of Attorney

Applicability, procedures, form filling and checking, OPG contact, referrals etc.


Assistance with tax issues, specialist referrals inc. Tax-Aid & TOPs

Wills and Probate Advice

Referrals for complex issues can be arranged


Home visits can be arranged where appropriate. We carry full liability/indemnity insurance and have vulnerable adult/child policies in place. NB:- In the matter of Civil Referrals, we work closely with the holder of civil legal aid contracts for East Lindsey area.